The work of female artists is never as simple or as straightforward as male peers. Faced with not only structural but cultural barriers (“the work of women just isn’t as profitable/popular…”), shifting perceptions often means presenting evidence. CoUNTess first began as a side project by visual artist Elvis Richardson as she began counting the frequency of inclusion of women artists in global galleries. Over a decade later, CoUNTESS’ statistics are now relied upon by state and federal agencies, conveying the importance of transparency in an age of hyperbolic spin.

For the first time, FFS is joining forces with CoUNTess to take a break from the plush velvet seats and instead get their hands dirty with spreadsheets. Come to the Set Bar to count alongside others and discuss gender identity, intersectionality and the future of gender representation in the arts. By the end of it, a new tool will have been created with which to question, cajole and interrogate the current state of women in the screen sector. Bring along a tablet or laptop with internet connection.