In 1987, the Australian film and television was still in its infancy, having produced its first report of female participation in the screen sector just four years prior. With statistics stagnating, a health check of the industry was called for and the most comprehensive study to date and since, Women in Australian Film and Television Production, was created. Tracking the progress of individual and collective women in the sector according to age, role and experience, the report highlighted the pervasive and systemic barriers to entry issuing strong recommendations and warnings as to what would happen if left unaddressed.

Now, some 31 years later, the eruption of the metoo, Time’s Up and NOW movements have highlighted the inadequacy of the sector to effectively tackle the cultural and structural issues still facing women across all sectors. Part thinktank, part feminist hack and part talking circle, FFS has brought together some of the strongest minds across three generations to uncover what has and hasn’t happened to bring us to the point we find ourselves now - needing not just to break the glass ceiling but deconstruct the house.

With the 1987 Report’s original consultant Eva Cox, indigenous scholar and academic Tess Ryan (Melbourne Uni), author of Eggshell Skull and founding editor of Hot Chicks with Big Brains Bri Lee, emerging lawyer Tina Huang and chaired by Professor Deb Verhoeven UTS, audience are invited to partake in the discussion with an empty chair left for interested and invested parties. Download and read the original report now and get your thinking caps on, our careers depend upon it.

Entry is free including After Party