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Thursday April 27 2:00pm THE HUB, Customs House, 31 Alfred St, Sydney

Alternative Distribution - Reaching Audiences in the cinema with Fan-Force (FREE EVENT)

Releasing your film via Cinema-On-Demand is no longer just a fringe approach to distributing your film. Over the last 24 months Fan-Force has been behind record breaking returns for films such as Embrace and That Sugar film. Embrace is soon to be the first film to pass $1 million at the Box Office for Cinema-On-Demand screenings alone. The majority of the platform's releases have also been for films driven by female directors and producers such as Crushed, Drama, Zach’s Ceremony, Ambrosia, Sherpa as well as new releases Screenagers and Just One Drop. With the platform expanding to the USA and UK what does this mean for local filmmakers and their stories?

Using Embrace from director Taryn Brumfitt as a casestudy, this master class will take an in-depth look at the strategy that resulted in hundreds of screenings across Australia and New Zealand and a huge buzz across social platforms. With an examination of marketing materials, social media, audience engagement and social impact this is a must see session for any filmmaker keen to know how to get their film to catch fire with audiences and drive box office returns.


Friday April 28 5:00pm THE HUB, Customs House, 31 Alfred St, Sydney

Ten Times Being a Woman Made It Easier To Make a Film (FREE EVENT)

Anna Broinwski has successfully managed to do the impossible through her filmmaking career including infiltrating underground Japan and the Yakuza, shadowing Pauline Hanson to create the hilarious and insightful “Please Explain”, and even penetrating North Korea in 2013 to make the first English language propaganda film alongside King Jong Il’s media department. To say she needed chutzpah is an understatement.

Broinowksi has pushed envelopes and boundaries and offers this crucial piece of evidence as to how she did it: being female. At a time when it seems all doom and gloom for female filmmakers, our FFS Patron offers that perhaps this might be the best thing in the world because, in the words of Lady Macbeth, it gives us the opportunity to look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent under’t.