Adele (AUS)

Adele, a fourteen-year-old African girl living in Brisbane, wraps her stomach each day before school. She is determined to keep her pregnancy a secret. Torn between school and home, she must fight for the right to choose and determine her own future, or face a life made for her by others.

Dir: Mirene Igwabi

Screens with So Long

Amma (AUS)

A young indian women faces a the hardships of a new culture and marriage, realising she stronger than she thought in the process.

Dir: Anusha Muller

Screens with A Suitable Girl

Bitch (AUS)

A woman who unapologetically does whatever she wants.

Dir: Caitlin Farrugia, Michael Jones

Screens as part of Fright Night


Blue Ducks (AUS)

Mallory challenges her younger sister in order to not lose face in front of her twisted gang.

Dir: Ellen Richardson

Screens with Light Years

Blue Games (AUS)

In a world where a woman’s body is her only currency, a child soldier is brought to camp to be broken in and a woman’s resolve is tested.

Dir: Eugénie Muggleton

Screens with Almost Heaven

Busting Out The Bells (AUS)

Jason and Kate realise that Christmas will never be the same as they are slowly losing their grandfather and decide to do something about it.

Dir: Roz Hammond

Screens with You can say vagina


Cold Hearts (AUS)

Pitted against the harsh terrain of Australia's Snowy Mountains, two colonial women haul a coffin to its final resting place, only to be confronted with a deadly surprise upon reaching their destination.

Dir: Yolanda Ramke, Danielle Baynes

Screens with A Suitable Girl

Creswick (AUS)

While a young woman helps her father pack up his house, they are both increasingly aware of the presence that they always knew was there.

Dir: Natalie Erika James

Screens as part of Fright Night

Double Room (AUS)

In an isolated, budget caravan park, a young woman is lead to confront the stagnant reality of her once beautiful long term relationship.

Dir: Matilda Teernstra

Screens with So Long


Fenced (AUS)

Kate Myers drives through the gates of the Portsmouth Immigration Detention Centre at the end of each day as a SARCO guard. It’s just a job. But today, perhaps it might be more than that.

Dir: Sophie Hawkshaw

Screens with The Judge

Flicking the Bean (AUS)

Prim little Beth has yet to discover the magic of ‘flicking the bean’ to the horror of her best friend Jo, so she embarks on a surreal journey of self-discovery and, most importantly, self-love.

Dir: Jemma Cotter

Screens with Hot Mess

Floc (AUS)

Floc presents the curious, darkly comic narrative of a woman who is forced to confront her mortality by a girl selling funeral plans.

Dir: Olivia Costa

Screens with Hot Mess


Frankie (AUS)

A dancer takes herself back to where she best belongs.

Dir: Ben Saunders

Screens as part of Body/Space

Friend for Life (AUS)

Sal, an intellectually disabled man, struggles to come to terms with the death of his father and best friend, Tony.

Dir: Hugo Hugeraj

Screens with You can say vagina

Hapless Heart (AUS)

Dir: Samantha Rebillet

Screens with The Light of the Moon


House Guests (AUS)

A couple’s weekend away quickly escalates into horror.

Dir: Tori Savage

Screens as part of Fright Night

Howls (UK)

A young mum runs away with her fragile son to a woodland hut community in Scotland. When hope of acceptance quickly fades, she loses control, whilst her son finds solace in a mysterious wolf.

Dir: Catriona Macinnes

Screens with Almost Heaven

Icky (IRA)

In a world where faces a substituted for Rubik’s cube, one kid stands out from the others.

Dir: Parastoo Cardgar

Screens with You can say vagina


I Love My Robot Boyfriend! (US)

Plagued by the tantalizing and elusive idea of true love, Shelly, a teen queen science extraordinaire, sets out to create herself the perfect robot boyfriend. When she succeeds, however, she has to deal with the consequences of his so-called "perfection."

Dir: Sariah May

Screens with Hot Mess

In Wonderland (UK)

It begins and ends in the same moment – on a beach where Alice has come to say goodbye to Michael. It’s both the story of that one moment and the tale of their whole relationship, seen through the shifting sands of Alice’s memory.

Dir: Christopher Haydon

Screens with Zelos

Kiss Me (AUS)

Set in rural Victoria, a young couple goes camping in an attempt to salvage their relationship. Is this really what they want?

Dir: Lara Gissing

Screens with Zelos


Last Respect (ISR)

Roni arrives at the emergency room to be at the side of her father who is suffering from severe pain. The long wait leads to a loaded encounter, forcing her to deal with the difficult questions he poses to her regarding their relationship.

Dir: Reut Dagbar Adami

Screens with Birthday Adjustment Disorder

Let's See How Fast This Baby Will Go (AUS)

A young woman must negotiate her first car purchase... whilst having her first baby. Based on Gloria Harrison's true story, originally heard on This American Life.

Dir: Julietta Boscolo

Screens with Marlina the Murderer

Liz Drives (AUS)

For estranged sisters Liz and Ellie being a family has never been easy – but there are some horrors you create yourself.

Dir: Mia'kate Russell

Screens as part of Fright Night


Lyuba (RUS)

Three generations of women live in a country house lost somewhere in the forest. Inside, each of the women wants freedom and their own happiness.

Dir: Yulia Mel'nikova

Screens with Larger than Life

Masterpiece (UK)

Four young men find Simbai's prize winning masterpiece and are left to observe, and deconstruct his artwork before he comes back. But – what the hell is it?

Dir: Runyararo Mapfumo

Screens with Hot Mess

Mwah (AUS)

On her way home at night, a teenage girl encounters a man that wants her attention.

Dir: Nina Buxton

Screens with Flames


Nina (AUS)

A young sex worker drifts through life: Nina finds herself stretched between a boy short on cash, a girl she might like, and her young neighbours who wear candy bracelets.

Dir: Olivia Costa

Screens with Larger than Life

Pane Di Vita (AUS)

An encounter with some magical Nonnas turns a recipe for disaster into a recipe for success.

Dir: Joanna Joy

Screens with Goddesses of Food

Paper Trails (AUS)

After being diagnosed with Alzheimer's, Anne Deveson reflects on her life, memory and history as she races against time to pack her 85-­‐year paper trail into boxes destined for the National Library of Australia.

Dir: Sari Braithwaite

Screens with The Five Provocations


Roll A Seven, Go To Heaven (AUS)

Emily Rose has reached a dead end. She sits in a motel room with a bottle of rum and a single dice. In a desperate attempt to change her life she assigns each number with an outcome and leaves her fate to chance.

Dir: J.L. Shenstone

Screens as part of Fright Night

SkinCreepers (AUS)

When alien doppelgängers show up, an occult journalist and a conspiracy theorist must fight for their lives.

Dir: Daniel Holliday

Screens as part of Fright Night

Sorry, Thanks, I Love You (AUS)

Gilly loves flowers. Dale's not so sure…

Dir: Kyra Bartley

Screens with Goddesses of Food


Sparta North (UK)

A young woman visiting her hometown is on her way to a party when she suffers a shocking accident.

Dir: Julia Hart

Screens with So Long

Sugar (AUS)

A Sugar Baby determined to shame and expose sugar daddies in her own personal bid to gain back power, but when her plan backfires and vulnerabilities are exposed, she is forced to question her own motives.

Dir: Tine Pia Jensen

Screens with Light Years

Swarm (UK)

A mysterious group of figures find one another in the woods. They unite in dance and, as the evening falls, reveal their true identities.

Dir: Emma Miranda Moore

Screens with Restless Creature


The Birth of Venus (AUS)

45 year old Brigid is coping with the death of her youngest daughter as she slowly unravels her reality as dictated by patriarchal ideals.

Dir: Melano Sokhadze, Aidan Büchi

Screens with The Judge

The Morning After (AUS)

A backpacker awakes at dawn in a rice paddy field outside Siem Reap...with no knowledge of how he got there, what happened the night before - or where his girlfriend is.

Dir: Leanne Mangan

Screens with Zelos

The Undoing Of Kate Burchell (AUS)

Kate Burchell is 30 and has everything she’s been told she should have; a steady job, a big house, and a frustratingly ignorant husband. But, everyone has a breaking point. And Kate is about to discover hers.

Dir: Morgan De Silva

Screens with Birthday Adjustment Disorder


Those Who Can Die (FRA)

Zoé, 15 years old, enters a strict boarding school. Around her, pupils are playing and attending classes with faded eyes. One day Zoé meets Marie and understands what they are destined for.

Dir: Charlotte Cayeux

Screens as part of Fright Night

Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow (AUS)

You are a woman in a play. Learn your part. Know your place.

Dir: Sunday Emerson Gullifer

Screens with Flames

Trigger Happy (AUS)

Screenwriter Betty takes matters into her own hands when her ending is rewritten.

Dir: Sunny Grace

Screens with Marlina the Murderer


UpHill (AUS)

A woman starts at the bottom of a rocky hill, pushing a heavy load in a wheelbarrow. She will push herself to the limit, when something along the way urges her to keep going.

Dir: Rosana Scarcella

Screens with Restless Creature