10:00am Sunday April 30

EVENT Cinemas, George St

Documentary, 80mins, US, G

Directed, Produced & Edited by Jessie Auritt


In the testosterone-fueled sport of powerlifting, the last person one expects to see is a slight, 95-pound, nine-year-old Orthodox Jewish girl. Since she began competitively lifting at the age of eight, under the coaching of her father, Naomi “Supergirl” Kutin has consistently shocked spectators and lifters alike, lifting nearly three times her bodyweight and breaking one record after another. Nicknamed “Supergirl” by her parents, she has become an international media sensation, appearing on multiple television shows and amassing thousands of fans on social media.

SUPERGIRL follows Naomi as she prepares for two major life events—her Bat Mitzvah, the symbolic entrance to womanhood in Jewish tradition, and the biggest powerlifting competition of her life, where she is attempting to break a new world record in the 97 pound weight class. Along with the universal struggles of adolescence, Naomi must deal with strict religious traditions, cyberbullying, and health issues. Things take a sudden turn for the worse after a contest, leaving Naomi’s future in powerlifting unknown and her identity thrown into crisis. Can she still be “Supergirl” if she can no longer break world records?