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Training & Development

Training & Development

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In 2018, For Film's Sake offers Australian female feature filmmakers a ground-breaking opportunity to develop projects and careers alongside the UK’s acclaimed most successful female-filmmaker-focused development scheme, FILMONOMICS, spearheaded by Birds’ Eye View (BEV), the 15 year old film charity dedicated to bringing ever larger audiences to films by women through advocacy, audience engagement and career development.

Birds’ Eye View is run by a group of leading industry professionals from across the film value chain, from international sales, to distribution to data to production.  BEV is led by Director-at-Large Mia Bays, a leading British producer with 13 acclaimed feature film credits and 4 shorts to her name including an Oscar winner and multiple BAFTA nominations who is now dedicated to spotlighting films by women and building a network for those who make, release and view them.

Developed in conjunction with the British Council and Slated.com, FILMONOMICS offers emerging female directors, producers and screen practitioners (who have a of minimum 1-2 feature film credits and/or a a body of short-form work) a hothouse environment in which to deepen their market understanding utilising developed or developing slate projects to creatively reposition themselves within the domestic and international feature sector. Beyond simply training or mentoring, the scheme offers a distinct lab-based approach, combining skills and experience of notable local and international filmmakers, financiers, distributors and sales representatives to lead by example. Blending the personal and the practical, the approach incorporates existing and emerging skills of the cohort, offering opportunity for both peer-to-peer and mentor-lead development. As such, participants learn from external case studies alongside internal examples, giving vital understanding and feedback to project based development as it moves along the film value chain.

Having lead multiple editions in the UK, each time servicing a group of up to 30 female practitioners, FILMONOMICS led their first International edition in Cuba with the British Council in 2014-16. A cohort of eight female filmmakers were sourced from across the Caribbean for a five-day long intensive (including a two-day sales and distribution) workshop for an additional twelve female filmmakers. Now, FFS in conjunction with Birds Eye View, looks to deepen the opportunities and understanding of female filmmakers working within or nearing entry to the feature film space, this time aligned around the challenges of the Australian market and the international export potential for Australian films. The bespoke program targets established women and BAME film practitioners, and is designed to bridge the gap between development and distribution – mixing industry knowledge with behind the scenes networking and discussions on vital topics such as finance, teams, marketing, exhibition and audience development. A key focus of the project will be developing a realistic project trajectory, critically responding to the challenges of online and platform financing. Participants will benefit from the balance of inward and outward focus and will pitch their projects to marketplace, receiving critical feedback and introductions to international markets to fast track projects within the global content marketplace. One team or individual will receive supported market registration in order to facilitate expedited project production and delivery.

Filmonomics is aimed at early career but established creative talent. Individuals should have at least a feature film or TV credit or a significant body of short form work and features in development/production. We welcome applicants with two or more feature credits who fit the criteria below.


Before completing this application, please note: Filmonomics is targeted at feature film directors, writers and producers from across Australia and you must be an Australian resident to apply. Applicants can apply as individuals or as teams of two.  The program will prioritise female applicants.  Priority will also be given to those from a socially-economically disadvantaged background and there is a target of at least 40% of the cohort to be those who identify as other than White Australian as this program is to give advantage to those who are not greatly represented in the wider film industry.

Filmonomics is aimed at emerging creative talent, not new entrants. Individuals should have a feature film (fiction or doc) or TV credit or substantial body of shorter form work. Or will have a substantial body of work in another area of film (commercial or branded content).  If your portfolio doesn’t fit the credentials outlined above, do get in touch and we can discuss your submission by email.

You will need to be available on 6th October for the first day of the workshop until the Opening Night (October 11th) of the Brisbane International Film Festival, when the program will conclude.

Participant details

Please state whether you are applying for Filmonomics Oz as an individual or as a team. If applying as an individual, please fill in Participant 1 details. If applying as a team please fill in Participant 1 and 2 details.

Your project

Please give the title of your feature film project, and state whether it’s fiction or documentary. If you have a relevant website/blog or social platform associated with the project, please list it here. Please also inform us of your project’s current status: is it just in the ideas phase? Is it in development? Finance attached, if so, with whom? Is it cast? Is it in post-production?

Application questions

1.   Please provide a short synopsis of your project outlining the story, theme and genre (maximum 150 words).

2. Please provide a brief statement about your project, including information about any funders, supporters and your strategic objectives (maximum 150 words). This section is designed to enable you to provide a concise and clear description of your strategic vision, and how it has progressed so far.

3.   Please state how your project would benefit from the Filmonomics training program (maximum 300 words). Having read the program description, this question is asking you to explain how and why your project will benefit from sales, marketing and distribution guidance and development. Be specific.

4.  As an individual OR for each team member, please provide a short overview of relevant projects and professional experience. We just want a very brief (bullet points advised) overview of your work to date. Please remember to include all participants if applying as a team.

5.   Please outline your personal ambition for the project, detailing any reservations you may have about meeting your goals. We want to get a sense of your personal ambitions as a filmmaker: what are your concerns and worries around the progression of your project and your career? The more honest you are the better we can understand you and how Filmonomics Oz can address your needs.

Education and Qualifications

Please provide a quick round up of you/your team’s relevant training and education. We suggest that you use bullet points citing name of institution, year of completion and type of qualification (much like you would on a CV).



When is the deadline for submissions?

5pm, Friday 21st September.  Applications received after this date will not be considered.

How many places are available?

Filmonomics will host up to 18 participants, with a maximum of 10 projects and some will receive full or part bursaries depending on the needs of final shortlist and funds available.

Do you have to apply as a team?

No, but if you do, remember it is a program imperative that the lead participant (if a team) is female.

I’m a man – can I apply?

Yes - but please note that it is a program imperative that, if you apply as a team, the lead participant should be female.  If you apply solo as a producer then you need to be working with female writers or directors or want to be on the course with the aim of finding female-led projects/collaborators.

What is the total cost of the program?

The total cost for the program is $280 per participant. This cost has been significantly subsidised by presenting partners and this fee essentially covers catering and refreshments in the sessions.

If I apply as a team, do both people in the partnership have to pay?

Yes. There are bursaries available – see below.

Are there bursaries available?

Yes, FFS  have limited bursary funds available to cover partial travel and accommodation costs for applications based outside of Brisbane, and childcare/carer costs for parents/guardians/carer. The bursaries will be disseminated according to the shared needs of successful applicants. Each application will be considered on a case-by-case basis. You must provide an estimated cost for travel, accommodation and childcare.

Can I have other, separate projects on-the-go with different people?

Absolutely. We understand that most creative teams have multiple projects on-the-go and that you are likely to be working with lots of different people. However, the project you submit to Filmonomics OZ should be the work of the partnership that applies to the program, and nobody else’s.

How developed does our project have to be?

We just want to see creative vision and something in a somewhat developed state. It can be at outline stage, treatment, full script stage, or a project you’ve already started to shoot. However, we prefer projects that are more developed.

Will my ethnicity affect the success of my application?


What are the key dates in application process?

We will notify longlisted participants by Monday 24th of September and set up 10 min Skype calls across 25/26/27 if necessary. We will notify successful applicants no later than Friday 28th of September 2018. Due to the expected amount of submissions we may be unable to notify all unsuccessful applicants so if you haven’t heard from us by Friday 28th of September, you have not been selected.

What if I’m not free for the initial workshops or for certain future dates on the program?

You will need to be available on Day 1 of Filmonomics on 7th of October for the first workshop. The workshop will run until October 11th. If you cannot be available then, we cannot offer you a place - so please do not apply.